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"The future in our hands”


 Dear Families, Students, Teachers and Friends of San Cayetano School,

If you`re reading this article then you`ve realised that we`re debuting our webpage. A new design and philosophy to make access easier for all interested, for the educational community, and to familiarise you with what we do in the School.

The webpage of any Company/Establishment or Institution shows the essential information: Objectives, Operations, addresses etc. The webpage of any school should be more than this, it should show the daily life of the school, this is what we´ve always done and with this new webpage we mean to promote this.

It has always been said that the future of any community is built through the education of each new generation. In San Cayetano School, we have it very clear that the ¨Future is in our hands¨. It´s not just any phrase nor a show of grandeur, it´s based on reality, all of us who form the educational community, year after year, the future of our 1740 pupils is in our hands, the Parents, the teachers and the Executive Committee together.

For more than fifty years, our School, with a Christian promise through the Teatina Order has been serving the Majorcan community, with a calling to educate, taking into consideration that primarily the teachers are the parents; this is their choice and responsibility.

Without exception the school works with this promise, specifically defined through our mission:-

Man has a transcendent dimension and for this a full education should include the teaching of belief´s, Christian beliefs in life. Our aims are educating the whole person and transmitting a coherent set of human values taught under parameters of maximum respect for people, ideas and the material things that surround us.

This webpage that you´re looking at shows the effort of all our professionals for their daily innovation and constant dedication to this Mission, the work of the pupils for building on these efforts ( and the responsibility) of the new future. In conclusion, the life of a living school.

P. Pablo Guerrero Pacheco, C.R.


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